Full Grooming

Full-Service Grooming: All Full Service Grooming includes: A bath with  towel and force-air dryer with no heating element, eye and ear cleaning/plucking, nail clipping, brush out, and specific haircut based upon your dog’s breed standard and/or your individual style choice. Full Service Grooming is ALWAYS completed by our experienced Canine Stylist.

Full-Service Wash: All Full Service Wash appointments include: A bath with towel and force-air dryer with no heating element, eye and ear cleaning, nail clipping, brush out. Washes are completed by our experienced staff. Schedule a wash with or without the FURminator treatment.

What to Expect:

Appointments: are booked based on breed and type of service.  On your first visit, expect to leave your dog for about 2½ to 3 hours, depending on breed and coat condition.  We work one on one with your dog and your first visit is very important to us.  We would like to get to know your dog so we can build a relationship with him or her We take extensive notes about coat, haircut desired, and demeanor, so that for future visit’s we know ahead of time. At Libbylu’s Puppy Do’s we offer exclusive service.  What does this mean? This means that your dog sees the same groomers each time they visit. If you have a favorite groomer, be sure to make that request when scheduling appointments.

It is important to us and to your dog that you are able to be on time for your appointment and pick up promptly. This allows us to provide undivided attention to your dog and the next appointment as well.

If you have time constraints, please let us know ahead of time. We are a start to finish salon, each canine stylist servicing one dog at a time, so being on time is very important to us.  If you are going to be late please give us a call at (386) 314-3228.

We are usually scheduled about 3 days ahead of time for appointments. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we are typically scheduled a week in advance. Same day appointments are sometimes available too.  We will try to accommodate your needs and we keep a wait list during busy times.

Pricing: What are our prices based on?  All prices are based on THE BREED, AVERAGE STANDARD SIZE, LENGTH DESIRED, AND CONDITION OF THE COAT. This is the toughest part of the grooming business. We have a general price list base for each breed which you are always welcome to see. Please note: From visit to visit your price may vary depending on the length desired and condition of the coat. If you have any questions regarding your price, we are always happy to discuss it with you. You will always know the price before you leave your dog with us.

Dog Grooming is an art.  We do not get the same luxuries of your hairdresser for absolute stillness and pointing our heads in one direction.  We are basically working with sharp equipment on a moving target and are very careful. Please share with us any concerns you may have about your dog’s behavior so we know ahead of time.

Severely Matted Dogs: If it is going to be painful for the pet, we let you know in advance!  De-matting certain coats is just plain difficult.  We will need to set aside time to work on certain hair types but for the most part, prevention of matting in the first place is key.  If your pet arrives with matted hair that will take more than a few minutes to safely brush out – you will be charged an extra fee for brush out time.  Only IF WE HAVE ALREADY AGREED TO BRUSH IT OUT. You are always welcome to come in between grooms for a Full Service or Self-Service Wash.  Everything is still included, for a lesser amount except for the actual body hair cut/style. We require a matted release form to be signed prior to grooming a matted dog. Severe matt’s may uncover many skin issues and this release will detail some things we may uncover.

Special Needs (Behavior or Medical): We are willing to work with dogs that have a difficult time at the groomers. We find that the way we groom, start to finish, is a positive way to groom these types of dogs. If you let us know that your dog has biting or other nervous issues, we will take every precaution we can.